couple of times a week

couple of times a week, we buddies have a meet. to talk our future and the past coffee, puff and the cozy seat. limpid view of pedestrians, rushing along the pedway. we idle and sluggish minds, daydreaming the whole day.

last summer

a lot of souvenirs to recollect, most infused with bummers. most of them explain her, that happened last summer. now the summer’s gone, so is she. left me all alone for eternity. don’t want to reminisce about her, she has become my defunct memory.


void and benumbed body, soul full of reservations. naive and subconscious mind, complete lack of creations. daydreaming unreal purposes, hunting for freedom and wanderlust. tranquil, fanatical and excited, but, lackadaisicalĀ attempts for stardust.