back again

8 months i restricted myself from you, i couldn’t resist now, you from my view. my eagerness to meet you was high, like i’ve been waiting for you my whole life. seeing you that day was something else, that i felt, emotions and my heart melt. we will share our moments, a ton, but first,

you’re my hope

i’m tired. but i cannot give up on you because you’re the one that makes me complete. that’s why i am still trying and will until the end of my strength. i’ll not be tired now. my hope is that one day you will understand my love for you and my care towards you. you’re

my first

my first, the special, found a love and better. in search of happiness for both of us & together. my hundred thousand tries and her mood lit up. her billion dollar smile, anyone could beat up. staring her by letter her know & making her uncomfortable. admiring her beauty, she doesn’t believe, but totally unmatchable.

wish you were here

right now i’m assuaged like never before, as the night is dark and completely abhor. listening chords, rising high & forgetting reality, remembering her all the time & dreaming fantasy. starts with an alternative brevity, dies with the psychedelic melody. floyd engenders me poignant ’bout my dear. melancholically letting out wish you were here.  

couple of times a week

couple of times a week, we buddies have a meet. to talk our future and the past coffee, puff and the cozy seat. limpid view of pedestrians, rushing along the pedway. we idle and sluggish minds, daydreaming the whole day.


i was jealous of my own love, how deep, how devoted, one day of loving her was an ordinary year. deborah, i loved you, i sensed you everywhere, and now you’re not with me, left me in the midst of nowhere. she was the one i lost my heart for, now i feel estranged, sitting

last summer

a lot of souvenirs to recollect, most infused with bummers. most of them explain her, that happened last summer. now the summer’s gone, so is she. left me all alone for eternity. don’t want to reminisce about her, she has become my defunct memory.


void and benumbed body, soul full of reservations. naive and subconscious mind, complete lack of creations. daydreaming unreal purposes, hunting for freedom and wanderlust. tranquil, fanatical and excited, but, lackadaisical attempts for stardust.