fear un-known

Fear Un-Known

I fear dark,
the night that haunts me.
Many faces, none familiar;
teases me, frightens me
all terrifying, none friendly.

I shudder,
when I see them approaching towards me,
without my say-so.

Noises of pebbles rolling;
with those, I was playing a while ago.
The hands hitting the wall;
the wall, I was resting a while ago.
Someone calling out my name;
by the voice, I’ve never heard in my life before.

I run away.
Far enough that I convince myself.
I cannot catch the sight of him
when I turn around.
Still, I can sense him
through my unenlightened heart.

When the sun hits my body,
my enemy seems to fear me now.
Making my naive heart to realize
that it was just my consciousness.




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  1. I guess;
    It’s that,
    You don’t know (It)

    Something that you know as well (it’s You)

    But not trying to understand,
    in the first place

    You need to convince yourself
    and you were convinced!

    With the source of light;
    that’s it;

    Happened to me as well;

    And the source is light (yes)
    but how you gonna make sure
    that it won’t happen again
    will that light will be enough for it
    to understand the unknown (it)
    what if you suddenly fall into the darkness
    and it won’t let you go;
    just it’s you and it
    no source of light
    but you knew it it’s un-known;

    I know it’s you;
    You could have followed
    the breadth, your calmness
    And you could have escaped
    Gone far away;
    But sorry bruh; It’s tough
    I tried that, And I failed;
    I knew it’s you,
    your soul (un-but-known)

    the damn conclusion is loved it

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