fear un-known

Fear Un-Known

I fear dark, the night that haunts me. Many faces, none familiar; teases me, frightens me all terrifying, none friendly. I shudder, when I see them approaching towards me, without my say-so. Noises of pebbles rolling; with those, I was playing a while ago. The hands hitting the wall; the wall, I was resting a while

Please Never Lose Your Charm

Please Never Lose Your Charm

You are the beauty of this world. Please never lose your charm. Innocence is your forte. Please never lose your glory. You are the most courageous of all. Please never lose your dream. You are the trustworthy person I know. Please never lose your promise. Please never lose your charm. The glow on your face is a paradise. Please

I Hate Nothing About U

I Hate Nothing About U

I hate nothing about u. I am composing u in my poems, There something special about u. #HerPerfection You are a reflection of a perfection. Smart, strong and stunning. I see what I see is her perfection. A dedication towards her ambition. #MissionAccomplished I irritate you, You make beautifully bad face, You warn me, I

life is a movie

Life is a Movie

Life is a movie and we are actors. We are playing an act called life. Life was released the moment we were born. At first, we don’t know the plot of the life whether the life is going to be serious, comedy, short or long. Some actors play the short and some play the long

music is magic

Music Is Magic

“Music is Magic. Magic is Life”– JIMI HENDRIX Music is magic. Music can bring joy to your life when you are feeling down and the other way round. The best way to make peace with you for the moment is by listening to your favourite melodies. Music is a way of life. I cannot imagine my day



“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi   oday I decided to bring a little change in myself. Not exactly to myself but in my daily routine or behaviour. I think it’s a great way to start something great. Every day should be the “new year resolution” in our

Last Summer

A lot of souvenirs to recollect, most infused with bummers. Most of them explain her, that happened last summer. Now the summer’s gone, so is she. Left me all alone for eternity. Don’t want to reminisce about her, she has become my defunct memory.