“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi


Today I decided to bring a little change in myself. Not exactly to myself but in my daily routine or behaviour. I think it’s a great way to start something great. Every day should be the “new year resolution” in our lives. This way we can at least motivate ourselves at times we need. So I have decided to motivate myself a little.

I am not faultless in English. I am still a learner. I need to improve my English speaking and writing. I have to overcome all the difficulties I’m facing due to my not great English.  In order to do so, I write and I listen. I write every day and I listen daily.

What I write and what I listen then? Every day I will write my story. My topic of the story will be the event among many events that happen daily in my life. Mainly the one that highlights that day. Rules are simple. My writing will be spontaneous. No restrictions.

As for the listening part, podcasts and music mainly. I have downloaded Castbox app on my android phone for podcasts. About my music taste, I will write a different blog later. Movies?? OH YESS!! Definitely.

Hope I can make up my resolution quite smoothly. I fear that I will be sporadic with my schedule.

OH just wait !! I just made it my first day of writing. See you tomorrow folks. 😛 🙂

Date: 4/23/2018


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