life is a movie

Life is a Movie

Life is a movie and we are actors. We are playing an act called life.

Life was released the moment we were born. At first, we don’t know the plot of the life whether the life is going to be serious, comedy, short or long. Some actors play the short and some play the long movies. Well I mean to say some people live short lives and some stay longer.

But I don’t think that this is an upsetting state because that doesn’t always necessarily mean that living lives worth more than the short ones. Sometimes short movies are more appealing and exciting than some long expensive movies. Right?

But no matter how long you play your character in the movie it should worth it. There nothing exceptional in the length of a movie. An actor can play more than one movie in his lifetime but it takes only one movie one moment for him to get recognized by the audiences. He may or may not get his further chance to prove himself again and again.

I think life is full of emotions (excitements and nightmares) and it’s always good. It requires our own outlook to view look into our life just like the movie. If it’s acted well, then the movie is a sure hit and if played carelessly without knowing the lot plot and aim then just wait for another life to fulfil your purpose. Not possible right? So, live your life to fullest and be a winner in your movie.

Well, every person in this an ordinary person. An ordinary guy eats, sleep, works (10-5) and repeat. In my opinion, that’s boring, uninspired and unimaginative. There are millions and billions of people in this world. We have to be distinctive and discrete about what we do. In order to be extraordinary from ordinary, do something different and unorthodox. You need focus, dedication, determination, and do what your guts tell you. Only then your audience will watch you and your movie and appreciate your role. Isn’t it same with the film? Until and unless you will not do the thing called improvisation in your role, you won’t stand out. Because there are thousands of actors and movies produced every year. Each has to be distinct than the other to receive appreciation and attention of the audience. They will follow you then.

Let me give an example. Heath Ledger played the character “Joker” in The Dark Knight movie. He made the character so realistic and relevant that his role as Joker will be remembered for decades. Now even if the finest actors of film industry come, no one can overcome what Heath portrayed and gave us. We can see his dedication and his supreme spontaneity.

Therefore, find a way to live a life such that in future you will be remembered and your followers will try to imitate your role. That will be your moment to cherish because your movie will be a super hit.

Date: 4/28/2018

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