I Hate Nothing About U

I Hate Nothing About U

I hate nothing about u.
I am composing u in my poems,
There something special about u.

You are a reflection of a perfection.
Smart, strong and stunning.
I see what I see is her perfection.
A dedication towards her ambition.

I irritate you,
You make beautifully bad face,
You warn me,
I irritate you again,
But this time I warn you.
You smile!!

I make up things to admire her,
She thinks that way.
One thing she will never know,
How perfect she is!!

Her fragrance kills me,
Kills me in a beautiful way.
I cannot get away with it,
Nicely then she pulls me away.

I think of a beautiful place,
We both own it,
We are happy,
and in love.

I think of a beautiful place,
Silence when we eye each other,
Even our shadows cannot disturb us.


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    • Her biggest fan !!

      If you think I described her in few lines then you are wrong, I could publish a library describing her and never get tired.

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