fear un-known

Fear Un-Known

I fear dark, the night that haunts me. Many faces, none familiar; teases me, frightens me all terrifying, none friendly. I shudder, when I see them approaching towards me, without my say-so. Noises of pebbles rolling; with those, I was playing a while ago. The hands hitting the wall; the wall, I was resting a while

I Hate Nothing About U

I Hate Nothing About U

I hate nothing about u. I am composing u in my poems, There something special about u. #HerPerfection You are a reflection of a perfection. Smart, strong and stunning. I see what I see is her perfection. A dedication towards her ambition. #MissionAccomplished I irritate you, You make beautifully bad face, You warn me, I

Last Summer

A lot of souvenirs to recollect, most infused with bummers. Most of them explain her, that happened last summer. Now the summer’s gone, so is she. Left me all alone for eternity. Don’t want to reminisce about her, she has become my defunct memory.