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“You Make Me Feel Things”

You make me feel things

“You make me feel things, Things I locked away. Things I didn’t think possible, To feel again. You make me feel, Like we’re stuck in a moment, Hidden from time. Stolen hours even days, Feel like a mere minute as they rush by. You make me forget, All my worries, And the unwilling commitments, The […]

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Wish You Were Here

wish you were here

I am assuaged like never before right now, As the night is dark and silent and soporific.   Listening chords, rising high & forgetting reality. Remembering her and dreaming fantasy.   Starts with an alternative brevity, Dies with psychedelic melody.   Floyd engenders me poignant about my dear. Melancholically letting out “Wish You Were Here”. […]

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——————————————- I was jealous of my own love, How deep, how devoted, One day of loving her Was an ordinary year. ——————————————- Deborah, I loved you, I sensed you everywhere, And now you are not with me, Left me in the midst of nowhere. ——————————————- She was the one I lost my heart for, Now […]

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